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[1.2.9e]WPGN Public Tekkit[PVE][40 Slots][Open]


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WPGN Enjin Community:


NOTE: As a player you do need to buy the FREE rank of Member in the community donation store in order to experience full play ability on the server.

Server IP:

Server Rules:

1. No griefing or stealing from other players.

2. No racist.sexist comments or foul language in general chat channels.

3.Do not ask teh staff for items or teleports, commands are made available to move you from your location, to spawn, your set home, or your last teleport location.

4. Do not ask the staff to set the server time to day.

5. Do not harass other players for any reason.

6. Please be respectful in general. As staff we all work hard to keep the server a peaceful and fun place. If you have an issue, there are proper ways to address it, and we will settle it as soon as we are able.

Banned Items:

Any type of Drill

Mining Quarry Machines


Mining Turtles

Major Plugins:




Expected Up-time:

Our server runs 24/7 with a restart every 4 hours. The only downtime we experience is a crash do to an unexpected error, or the restarts themselves.

About Our Community:

We currently only house a small community of players, but that has been growing every day. Like-minded people doing like-minded things. Trading, working together on space exploration programs. Creating the beginning of what will eventually be vast cities. Our goal in this, is to see how far we can get via the technology tree, as well as see what kind of structures we can create with the resources we gather. It is true, even the staff plays without their creative mode. We hold events, have a shop that changes weekly, along with incentive programs people can take part in to earn extra goodies. Once a month we hold a grand-prize giveaway for the player(s) with the nicest city, most accomplishments and so on. We have our own enjin community, as well as our own facebook group started. So come join us, build, explore, and most of all, have fun with us.

Noteable Server Events:

Item Shop Change

Monthly Player Raffle (rewards Vary)

Daily Voting for Diamonds

(More to come)

Some of Our PLayers Accomplishments:






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