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Multiple Modpacks Launching??


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Hello, I have a simple question but it is hard to explain. I would like to know if you can launch multiple clients by logging out and logging in again on another account. Everytime I try It doesn't work, however I can launch the vanilla minecraft client with multiple logins.

My reason is very simple, I would like to look at my creative builds on single player in creative mode where i can fly around, whilst building on another screen in survival mode on an SMP server. I don't even need an authenticated login to look at my single player saves.. but this becomes tiresome to logout constantly and check my world and then go back, and by the time ive done all this I might forget my block count or what I was specifically looking at. This is a real tedious process and in short, a complete pain in the ass.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to simply launch a modpack from technic client, twice? Right now I get java.io errors, but this does not happen on the vanilla client.. that said, some of the building I am doing requires the modpack for various reasons.

Please help. Thank you!

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