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Crafting Dead Server! (Up to date)

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Name: Original Gaming

Modpack: Crafting Dead

IP: Ogcraftingdead.playat.ch (you may need to refresh your server list a few times to see that its working)

Hello user! Are you looking for a CDC server with a friendly and growing community? Are you looking for a server with a staff team that refuses to abuse their powers? Then this is the server for you! We constantly update to the modpack's latest version, we monitor our team, and we enjoy meeting new people every day! Our server has been up for a little over a month now and we've finally decided to post an ad here on the technic forums!



Q: Are you an official server?

A: No

Q: What is your cussing policy?

A: You may cuss, but we ask that you do not go overboard and abuse this right, especially on other users.

Q: Why did you create this server?

A: We created this server to give people a place where they could not only go just to hang out, but where they could go and actually have fun! So many CDC servers are full of negativity, and where we cannot terminate all negative thoughts we certainly strive to get rid of most.

Q: What makes your server unique?

A: We've been working on being the most unique CDC server out there with several different options of minigames. Our projects consist of: PAYDAY (a pvp minigame WIP), Gunmaze, Plots (released!), and we're working on so much more!

So come check us out, even if just for a few minutes. We're open to feedback and love improving our server to the community's liking (not to be confused with being hated on and forced to conform, but I'm sure you got the idea <3). What's the harm in checking us out? Its alright, we don't bite. c:


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