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Tekkit server Computer Craft Rules Board

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Hello, i started my own tekkit public server the other day and decided that i was going to use monitors to display my rules and information boards, i have them programmed and everything displaying exactly how i want them to, the only problem is that when ever the server restarts, the displays wipe and i have to manually tell the monitor to display the rules again. i was wondering is there any type of code i can put in the startup program so it will automatically run the rules so i dont have to keep manually doing it every time the server restarts? if there is such a code could you please tell me. Thanks!

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Computers will run the "startup" program when the computer loads. It first checks for one on a disk in a connected disk drive, then checks the computer's local storage.

Easiest way, assuming you have a program called "rules" that has a hardcoded side to attach to:

edit startup <enter>

shell.run("rules") <enter>

<ctrl> Choose save.

<ctrl> Choose exit.

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have you seen the basic spotlight of the monitors ?

Or if i remember correctly you can just use: shell.run("monitor" "right" "program")

IF you have a monitor on the right side of the computer.and where " program" is the name of the program you put your rules in. don't forget to scale the text and center it

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Hello this is inkery i was kicked for advertising , i didn't know telling your friend the ip for your server in private chat was advertising so i'm sorry for that wont happen again i was just asking him if he would go on it so i would know if it worked i won't do it again i promise. Sincerely: Inkery. i would really like to be able to get back on the server today plz reply back.

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This is how I do it. Simplified version; the actual one loads two different files and displays them on two different monitors. If you want the full thing, Paypal me $5. Note the dual startup files - that's to prevent Ctrl+T (terminate program) and Ctrl+R (restart computer). If you want to disable Ctrl+S (shutdown computer) you have to cover the computer in bedrock. Enjoy! :)

file startup:

while true do




file startup2:

hFile = io.open("rules.txt")


sLine = hFile:read()





while sLine do


  sLine = hFile:read()





while true do sleep(10) end


file rules.txt:

Rule 1: no hax

Rule 2: no grief

Rule 3: no bumsex

Rule 4: embrace communism

Rule 5: always say "ALL HEIL 3RAD1CAT0R" when he logs on

All rules are worthy of ban on violation.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Ban first and ask questions never.

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