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Quarry stopped for no reason

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One of my quarries has stopped, and yet it has loads still to go.

It's not a lava problem, the quarry is submerged in water.

I think its a problem that happens whilst I am offline.

When I am offline the quarry quarries a doughnut shape, leaving the centre unmined/quarried, when I come online it resumes quarrying normally.

However in this case, the doughnut part has reached bedrock, yet the middle part has some 25 or more layers to go (i.e. where all the diamonds and interesting stuff is).

Any ideas?

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This happoned to me, and once there was a dohnut shape armound the centre that hit /bedrock/ the quarry never recovered (I guess the way it looks if there is stuff to do is being prevented.

I 'solved' it by moving the quarry to the remianing area.

Prevention I think is to make sure all the chunks being mined stay loaded. (hint: tethers don't work)

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