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CraftMine v4 - The future of Minecraft, made possible now


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CraftMine is a Minecraft-based game which expands on the current concept of Minecraft. CraftMine is the future of Minecraft - made possible now.

I have and always will make this pack purely out of my passion for Minecraft modding. I believe that the only way to ensure the highest quality pack is to listen to my players and always make small improvements overtime, which I do via very frequent significant updates to the pack and by being active on my official CraftMine server in order to get closer to the community.

Some highlights of the features CraftMine has:
- Pick up and play: No wiki required to know how to play this pack
- Breathtaking atmosphere: With a custom "sound engine" and resources, we've made the game aware of your surroundings, what you're stepping on, your pain, etc... and made the game respond to that with a huge amount of visuals and sounds
- Custom experience: All of the mods in the pack have been configured differently to their defaults, with some mods even being modified by our dev. team and some mods exclusively made for the pack.


Development for CraftMine started in mid-to-late 2011, where the pack was just a customised Spout server. It all started out just as a passion to expand and improve on various aspects of Vanilla, without going over-the-top with mods that requires you to read a wiki to understand properly. Later on, in late 2012, I published CraftMine and made it available as a "Custom server pack" on the Technic Launcher v2. In early 2013, I published CraftMine to the Technic Platform as soon as I could. It's one of the few packs that has been on the Technic Platform for many years that hasn't lost its recognition - it never just looses interest from everyone. Over the years the pack has existed, I've met many milestones and targets I've set myself - the pack is featured on the Technic Launcher almost daily, the average runs of this pack everyday is over 1000 and over 96% of reviews I've got for my pack have been positive.


Why not try the pack and see for yourself what you're missing? ;)

Get CraftMine here

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