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[NationsMC MP]NationsMC[PvP/PvE][100 Slots][No-Whitelist][IConomy][Towny][IC2,CC,BC,AE]

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Name: LividCinders

Age: 17

Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): I would not like to, no. I wish to create a big town sometime focused on Railcraft! Woohoo!

Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?: I have played with it a lot, yes.

What is the purpose of a macerator? Simple starter machine which is essentially doubles ore output but crushing the ore into 2 dust.

Recommendations(if you been invited): No.

Others things i should know: I Live in the Usa (Eastern Standard Time) and would like to find a nice server with a good community

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All Deluxe threads are being reshuffled back into the regular sections as part of a Deluxe section restructuring and reconsideration. Previously Deluxe threads will have to be re-accepted into the new Deluxe system when it is completed. Thank's for being a Deluxe server for a time, and good luck in the future.

If you feel your server would be better suited to a different section, please PM me and let me know. (Don't just say deluxe)

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Name: EpicEric2


Do you wish to join anyone: Yes, my brother, but he isn't in a town I will probably make one with him.

Have you played IC2 or buildcraft: I have played and even though I'm young I have lots of experience

What is the purpose of a macerator: It is a machine that can crush different things to get another item. If you crush ores in the macerator, u get dust.

Recommendations: My brother(Frenchman_2) wants me to play with him.

Other things I should know: I really hope you will whitelist me

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