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Best way to move IC2 Power


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Teleport pipes are sketchy, I'd avoid them like the plague.

I'd rely on glass fibre cables for moving LV current and up just based on the fact you only have to worry about throwing in an energy storage device every 40 blocks to reset the degradation count. For less than LV, as in cables running from water mills, wind mills, etc you can use tin cables that have the same 40 block count rate. Clearly cheaper than glass fibre cables by a mile but they can handle at most, around 5eu per tick. Glass Fibre Cables can handle a maximum load of 512eu per tick (HV).

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The minecraft setup in railcraft can transport power via an MFSU in a cart. If you're talking really long distances I'd think about that. Of course if you're talking relaly long distances just generate it on-site

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