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[3.1.2] Nature's Revenge [Open][40 Slots][Survival][24/7][LWC][Greif Prevention]


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IGN - riley351999

About Yourself - My name is Riley and I am ugly. I love to play tekkit but I am still a bit of a n00b!!!!!!! I have started playing tekkit when it was 1.0.0 well before the laucher came out, as well as that I am a bad speller. I have been playing Minecraft since late Alpha (1.2.2) The good old days :D.

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IGN - Pants936

About Yourself - I've played tekkit for a while and am looking for a good server with a great community and this one seems fun.

Have you been banned - yes, because i was server browsing and joined one with lots of people spamming chat & greifing, i was not.

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idk if it is to late but heck with it


About Me: only reasn i started playing MC was with my friends in highschool then i got tekkit due to the yogs showing Hack/Mine. I went from there now im on a good server hunt

have i been banned: NO and i plan to keep it that way

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New server is running epically well and we are looking for fresh new people to come and join!

WIll be updating the front page but the following has been added:

Moved to districts, this means when the new player joins, they will need to pick a district to go and live In, we currently have 4 districts all set at 2000 x 2000, so there is ample space to expand!

Secondly, increased the ranks from 6 all the way to 50 now !!!! And all rank promotions are automatic :D

Rule change, we no longer deal with grief's, we have ample systems in place to ensure users dont get griefed, and we all users to generously use the Grief prevention plugin, which means users have the power to protect their own stuff :D

Please come and join today :D


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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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