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[3.1.2] Nature's Revenge [Open][40 Slots][Survival][24/7][LWC][Greif Prevention]


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Welcome to the Nature's Revenge Tekkit Survival Server


We are a fresh community, who have been playing minecraft since the dawn of minecraft, and have been part of other communities since, however have decided its time to start our own server based community.

To maximise protection for players, we utilise LWC with most tekkit stuff protected by it automatically, to minimise stealing and greifing.

We're currently looking for more mature creative people, who like to explore and learn the many aspects of tekkit together.

Plugins Installed:

  • CoreProtect
  • Essentials
  • Lwc
  • Vault
  • PermissionsEx
  • WorldGaurd
  • Worldedit
  • GreifPrevention

Disabled MODS:

- Balkons Weapon Mod

- Wireless Redstone

- Advanced Machines

- Nuclear Control

- Additional Pipes

- Nether Ores

Disabled Items:

These are only disable items which are bugged/broken or could be used to cause severe lag/grief to the server. As fix's are applied to tekkit server items may be re-enabled.

- Red Matter + Dark Matter Stuff

- All EE Rings

- Infernal Armour Chest Plate

- Nukes, Nova Catalysms, Nova Catalyst

- Watch OF Flowing Time

- Forcefield Blockcutter Upgrade

- Dimensional Anchor

- Anchor Cart

- World Anchor

- Teleport Tether

- Void Ring

- Black Hole Chest

- Red Matter Furnace

- Crystal Chest

- Turtles

- Dynamite

- Sticky Dynamite

- Frame Motor

- Support Frame

- Tunnel Bore

- Crystal Chest Upgrade

- Landmark

- Duplicator

- Automatic Crafting Table MKII

- Destruction Catalyst

- Catalytic Lens

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- Teleport

- Item/Waterproof/Power Teleport Pipe

Server I.P:


If you would like some freebies, please post your IGN here, and mucho thanks for considering this server :)

Website: http://alienrage.com

Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/414303785287717/


Players May Not: Disrespect other players or any of The 'Nature's Revenge' Team. (Moderators or Admin's)

-This includes telling other users what to do!

Players May Not: Grief others, with the exception of stealing from unlocked chests only.

Players May Not: Use any hacks, cheats, mods or texture packs which give you any unfair advantage within the game

Players May Not: Spam the server

Players May Not: Use any language other then English for communication in the open chat

Players May Not: Use swearwords, or any phrases with the intent to insult other members

Players May Not: PVP Without the permission of the other contender

Players May Not: Construct a setup with the intention of causing lag for other users


Screenshot shows the "Jail arena", we like to Humiliate troublemakers/greifers, it also shows the "Red Matter tree" made by one of our users and the main spawn, right in the center of the screen.

- XgermZ

Website: http://alienrage.com

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Welcome all to the server, hope to catch you all online at least once.

From inicial feedback, im making some changes to the ranking system, currently its a little too strick, and if you try to craft an item your not allowed to have to tend to loose the item lol, ive got a solution to this, but please bare with me while I implement it on the server :)

- xgermz

If anyone has anymore suggestions, outside the ranking system of course, please feel free to poke and prod :D

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Had a tinker around with the ranks today, currently you gaint he following at each rank roughly. (Without going into too much detail)



Coloured Lamps, Solar Arrays, Alarms, Luminator, Batbox MFE MFSU, Generators, IC Machines etc




Wires, Tubes, Alloy Furnace, redpower stuff,




Iron to Diamond Chests, Railcraft Complete, Computers, Detectors,




Collectors, Arrays, Dm/RM Blocks, Condensor, Pedestal, Telsa Coil, Re-enforced lass/Stone, Equilivant Exchange, Nano and Quantium Body Suit




Nuclear Reactor




Access to extra commands

Working on the assumption, anything not mentioned above is available at Level 0 rank. (excluding disabled items obviously)


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I like to get to know all the users, so if your joining the server, please post here and you will gain $500 free ingame cash for you to use for Towny if you like. (When I'm on-line to do so)

IGN - My name is Nevercry, you can call me Never or Andy.

About Yourself - I am 13, I am not the best at tekkit but better than most. I love computercraft and I study it hard on a day to day basis.

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I lost about 1,5 hr of being online :( due to server crash . Can you fix that ?


the server doesnt crash, it restarts once every 24 hours :) those online at the time seem to be effected, ill be looking into this :)

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Update: Greif Prevention plugin has been enabled for all users to use, this means every hour you will gain 30 blocks with which to help you create a protected area protected from greifing :D

The minumin area required is 10 x 10.

for more details on the plugin and how to use, please visit the following website :D



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Server Update:

Since people have been making "create" contraptions to stop themselfs going afk, ive decided to relax the rule, since we have more slots, so you no longer get kicked for going AFK :), but you get frozen instead, but at least you can total up the time again :)


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Hey just popping by to say a few things.

IGN: AnderRe Town: Anderia (with rater193)

First, I'd like to say that this is an amazing server! I love the idea of the leveling system and how more powerful items are locked away until you really dedicate some time to the server. The people are very friendly and willing to help. Thumbs up to you xgermz for making such an amazing Tekkit server.

However, my one issue with it is the anti-grief blocks that one gets to place with a golden shovel. Although supposedly we get 30 per hour this is not the case (e.g. I only got <120 blocks going from lv0 to lv1). In addition, I don't think 30 blocks an hour is enough for people in the higher levels once you get wiring and buildcraft. Many machines can take up large spaces and and expensive to repair from griefing. I'd like to humbly request that the block rate be increased somehow, at least for people above lv0. Getting 100 blocks for an entire days work doesn't seem enough (10x10 area).

Aside from that, incredible server. Nice work!


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Im going to be increasing, 30 was an initial "testing the water" going to be increasing to 100 over the next few days, and anyway ive been adding antigreinf blocks to users on request anyway, its there to make my job easier and the players experience more enjoyable!


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