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MFE Broke?


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I have a MFE setup to power my machines, i use a Lv-transformer to make the current 32 eu/t. Then my brother came and he wanted power so we tried to buff the power up agian to 128 eu/t, We usedcurrent that was already 32eu/t to make 128 eu/t, with the use of a lv-transformer. But then the MFE disided that it would not send any power out at all, (after we placed the 2nd lv-transformer) now we removed the 2nd transformer again, and it still wont send any power out. We use copper wire and it did work before i added the 2nd transformer, i have the same setup now as i did before and it still wont work

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Check your dots are the right way around, make sure the MFE's redstone option is on none, and check your redstone signals on the transformers. (usualy this is caused by a redstone signal elsewhere effetcing the ranformer so it works in reverse).

Not sure why you would ever go 32->128->32 though. Conisder perhaps using 128 the entire way?

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I am going to check the redstone now option now :) And we are both noobs at tekkit played it for 3 days that why 32-128-32 :P

I have 400000 Eu/t in the MFE

Problem fixed! :D

It was the redstone option.

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