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New modpack -Pokemon Superhuman- 1.7.10 PvE whitelist up 24/7

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Hello, i am hosting a server that's on GGserver the modpack is called Pokemon Superhuman. Skype info is not needed but its nice to talk xD



1# Do not steal and no griefing

2# Don't randomly pvp someone. if they are in your base and wont leave then go ahead and kill them.

3# Since this is a Pixelmon server Don't spam battle request. this can get you banned/kicked

4# No traps of tnt or other stuff like that.

5# You can claim a whole biome. but ONLY one so make sure that its to your liking.


whitelist app




Have you been banned before if so why?:

What is your fav mod in the modpack?:

Skype info:

Thats everything. You will be msged the ip if you are accepted.

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