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[Official Crafting Dead Modpack] New Server! [1.5.2]

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New Server IP!


We have new server IP! Our server IP is 'cdc.TheChaoticRushCDC.net or'. Use one of these IP to connect t our new server IP. Your data stays the same and everything else, only thing that changes is our IP.


Name Changing


As you may have already known, we offer a special rank to players with "TCR_" in their in game name. With this you get a rank equal to Sheriff. Name changing with minecraft effects your player data because of the verison crafting dead is run off of, 1.5.2. With this your data is completely reset, as compensation we already giving you a free rank, so keep in mind we will not be giving you back any of your old data. 


New Items!



With the new Crafting Dead update there is new items and big changes. For Instance, Player inventory is glitched, if you open bodies or supply drops and shift click to put the items into your 3rd slot(The one above hotbar), your items will disappear, this is because the modpack was ment to remove that whole row. Other things that came with this update is a new camo, Vulcan Spray Paint. Thinks like new clothing has been added, with this being added Spec Ops, Hero, Bandit, Soldier, Ghillie clothing are removed. Rest assured Hero and Bandit are still attainable from rank Hero and Bandit, but Spec Ops, Soldier, Ghillie clothing will be added to new kits and ranks! Bunny Ears, Sir Top Hat, 3 different Tactical Helmets, Gas Mask, Ghillie Suit Hood, and Tactical Ghillie, Ghllie Suit, Red Dusk Clothing, Swat Clothing, Military Clothing, Buisness Suit, and Doctor Clothing have been added. I will make sure to include all these new items in kits and ranks.


That0neGuyy (TCR Server Owner)

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