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Tekkit Classic Error

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Hi there, I keep having an error when trying to connect to a tekkit classic server I play on.

I can start up the launcher fine, and start logging into the server, but suddenly the "Logging In" text disappears and my screen (displaying the dirt background) goes darker, then just full white.

I've tried reinstalling Java, different Java versions, different memory amounts, updating my graphics drivers, all to no avail.

http://pastebin.com/21KKjMfC is a link to my launcher log

Please help a community member in need,


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It's a long shot but it could be something to do with the world itself.

If you're the owner try creating a new world and logging into that, if not the owner run a server yourself and try to connect to it (with a fresh world).

If that also doesn't work I have no idea but if it does then it's something to do with the world on the server. If you are able to contact the owner outside of the server ask them to move your player position somewhere, perhaps server spawn, as you could be in a bad chunk.

That's about all I know.

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