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[1.7.10] The Doctor's Apprentice


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The Doctor's Apprentice, my first modpack, was created two days ago. A Doctor Who-themed modpack, it includes 24 mods and runs on version 1.7.10. It should be fully compatible with the Sphax texture pack. I am posting not in the hopes to make this modpack popular (hell no), but to make new friends. To those Whovian Minecrafters looking for companionship, I extend an invitation. The Doctor's Apprentice is intended to be a light modpack with an emphasis on adventure and survival. (The name and art might be changed.)


I am open to mod requests, modpack requests, and requests for a server should others be interested. I am cautious about making my first server public, however, to unfamiliar players. Said future server would probably be whitelisted, and I would be interested in getting to know each player as a friend rather than just a fellow player in this long game.. because, as it's been said, (The Doctor) should never travel alone. The only reason I've suggested a server is because, like The Doctor, I hate travelling without companionship (singleplayer).


Server or not, this modpack is up for business. Check out The Doctor's Apprentice, the latest Doctor Who modpack out there, and see if it's right for you. Remember, I'm always open to requests, so don't hesitate to send out a suggestion. Link: http://technicpack.net/modpack/the-doctors-apprentice

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