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Oil tanks

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What happens when your oil storage tanks are full? - does the well continue to empty and you waste the oi?

If so, how an you detect when the oil tanks are full up? Will a detector pipe set to 'stuffed' work - with the output isolating the pumps.

Any help would be great. Thanks

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Whenever the tanks are full, nothing can get in it and oil from the well will fill the pipes instead. I guess you can use a waterproofed redstone pipe to detect oil in the pipes, but it will be a bit hard to do, since oil keeps flowing in it. In BC3 (not yet publicily for SMP yet) you have pipe gates which can detect items in inventories, items, fluids or power flowing through a pipe, it can detect whether the tank is empty, has space or is full.

But anyway, I think you won't lose oil if you keep pumping it while the tanks are full. You can always keep adding some empty tanks to the line.

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Thanks Ind Miner

Well, I built 30 storage tanks 5 tanks high - and they were full by the time I had built the refinery!

It pumps it pretty quick, as I laid down 300 waterproof pipes and it arrive very quickly. Teleport pipe next I think.

I have knocked the oil pump down to a pair of redstone engines instead of the four I had. Perhaps that will slow production.

Not even sure what I am going to do with all this fuel. Can I can it and use it in generators?

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OK. I have electric engines running my quarry - which I believe are on their way out.

Tried making an Energy link and it doesn't work. Do I need to upgrade Tekkit - I thought it did it automatically.

Just in case I am wrong.... Advanced alloy : redstone : Advanced alloy

Insulated cable : redstone : Wooden conductive pipe

Gold cog : redstone : Gold cog

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