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Ultra SkyBlock Tekkit: Taking It Back!


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Hello fellow Tekkit players, Me and a few friends decided to make a map like the "Feed The Beast" map. But a few things will be changed. We will be using Tekkit for one. And it will be a 1-4 player map. The current map we are working on will be the 1-4 Versus Map. Or if you are playing alone then just single-player.


After the black out back at Asimov's Mansion. During what you could only call, a crisis. You awake in side of a strange tube. You are guided out of the tube, and are hurriedly brought to the "Captain". This is what he tells you: "You may be wondering why you are here. Well the reason you are is because the Robots are on a destruction course. And we need your help to stop them. We know you will be able to since you are the robot expert Asimov. The robots have demanded that we get them the required equipment that they will need to leave our planet. And or we will be destroyed along side it. The only equipment we were able to muster up was what you will find in your escape pod on our base. May all of the robotic laws help you!" Now it is time for you to begin your journey were ours ends.

Screen Shots!


As seen above is the "Space Ship" that you arrived on. From the attack on Asimov's Mansion. But one more challenge awaits. (Read Back Story)


The 1-4 Player options. Hit one of the switches and then you may play the game! I assume you will know what each switch does :P


This is a quick look at the Robot Ships.

This is the Hard Difficulty Map!

Here is the download link to the 4 Vs. Map. http://www.mediafire.com/?155orb64z3o3c26

The others will come soon.

Thank You Everyone, For reading and supporting this project!

P.S. Please Also check out our other map! Asimov's Mansion.

Thank You again!

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Updated the map a ton! Fixed a ton of bugs. If you have not gotten far I would download the new download. If you have not downloaded yet, all I have to say is you missing out :) Here is new link. I fixed the one in the main topic too: http://www.mediafire.com/?155orb64z3o3c26

Thank You! To those who have tried map. Sorry for the bugs.

I can only fix stuff if I know about it so please leave me feedback, ideas, and what not.

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I will be hosting a live server with this map! But in order to do so I need more people to come and play. I will allow teams of up to 2 people. Come and have some fun! If you are interested please post here, and I will give you info.

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Im having a HUGE Problem Almost nothing Will Spawn Only a Couple Of Blocks and Floating levers Lava And Water But In The Ship Its Just Obsidian And signs.HALP

sounds like either the wrong tekkit version, or tekkit derped whilst updating and didn't install correctly. try deleting the bin folder in the tekkit folder and re-installing.

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i don't have a transmutation tablet = can't transmute stuff to get basic one so then i need to craft one but then i don't have a philosopher stone so i need diamond and glowstone , and i go down to the nether but then AGAIN i don't have any diamond and nether diamonds are a pain in the ass to get

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