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How To Make a Gold Chest Farm?

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All of the tutorials on youtube seem to be in german, so I decided I should go straight to the source:  The Technic Pack Forum!


Could someone give me an indepth (or short) guide on how to create a gold chest farm?  I understand how blaze and bone farms work, but I haven't been able to wrap my head around gold chest farms due to a lack of tutorials that I can understand.

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You pump glass, silver chests and gold from condensers into a MK2 crafting table (set it up with the recipe for a gold chest, along the top: Gold, Glass, Gold - along the middle: Glass, Silver chest, Glass - along the bottom: gold, glass, gold), you pump the gold chest out and into the 3 condensers making the silver chests, glass and gold, make it also pump to a further away energy condenser so once the other condensers have filled up the left overs go to make the target item in that energy condenser. The way this works is simple, the combined EMC for it is 4840 (Silver Chest) + 4 (4x Glass) + 8192 (4x Gold) = 13036. A gold chests EMC is 18496 so you're left with 18496 - 13036 = 5460 EMC profit!

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