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Guild Wars 2 - Jumping Puzzles!


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so far, I've never seen a jumping puzzle that was somehow a requirement for progress through an area. no wailing caverns moments, if you are a WoW person and know the part I'm talking about. anyway there's nothing like that in dungeons and such. all the puzzles that exist are out in the world and are kind of a "do at your own pace" type thing, be it for a skill point or just to get a vista or achievement like in this case. if you're waiting on some group to catch up to you, they're probably going to be people you know and are dorking around with, which isn't really something I would consider to be a huge issue.

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I was excited about GW2, but this makes me reconsider. Nothing is worse than waiting 15 minutes for the others in your party to figure out the jumps.

Please avoid GW2.

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