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Switching to Tekkit from Tekkit Lite


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I've been looking around for any discussion of considerations in switching from playing Tekkit Lite to Tekkit. I seem to recall reading something at one point that explained why Tekkit Lite was made, but cannot now find such material

I've played quite a bit of Tekkit Lite, not that I've 'mastered' all of its content, and so I just kept playing it. But someone at the Minecraft forums suggested I should check out Tekkit Latest or Tekkit Classic cause they are "MUCH better" than Tekkit Lite.

Tekkit seems to include all the content in Tekkit Lite, plus additional content? It also looks like a few things work a bit differently (e.g., nukes?)

I appreciate if anyone with the knowledge to make a judicious comparison comments, or if anyone has a link to resources that go into the questions I'm asking. Obviously there are plenty of resources to learn the specifics of the content in Tekkit, but I'd appreciate any synthetic "orientation" about how the two modpacks differ and thus how I might consider approaching a tekkit world differently than a tekkit lite world.

ADDIT: ah so I see Industrial Craft 2 is not in Tekkit. That will be a bit switch for me. iron furnace -> Gen -> Geothermal Gen with macerator, extractor, and compressor tend to be my core machines.

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Tekkit guide http://wiki.technicpack.net/A_good_start_in_Tekkit

MC forums tend to be filled with babies that stick to the past. Tekkit Classic was the pack most knew 4 years ago. Tekkit Lite sprang up during Mojang's rush with a fuck-ton of updates, meaning that most mod makers had no time to update their work to match the MC version. It was also the time when SSP / SMP conversion happened. Hence the word "lite", as in fewer mods.

IC2 was fun back in the day. But it is a dead horse now and considered tedious and grindy by many.

Tekkit has Thermal Expansion by KingLemming, which is a much appreciated replacement for IC2

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Is "TekkitTweaker" safe? Is it regarded as a good option to smooth out bad fps?

I've got a pretty high end machine (3.5 Ghz Quadcore i5 with 8GB of ram). I never see any performance issues in Tekkit Lite, but I'm seeing stuttering in Tekkit particularly when I get into areas around mob spawners -- which is just about the worst time ;)

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Tekkit Tweaker seems to have fixed the FPS issues I was suffering. Always a bit leery of Java based programs, but I kept a restore point if things seem screwy. Overall I see a distinct improvement in the smoothness of graphics rendering.

Question: does Tekkit lower the incidence of precious ores like Gold and Diamond? Compared to Tekkit Lite (and using a turtle) I have found a lot less gold and diamond.

Or is it simply that the Galactic Craft ores somehow "replace" the others and thus cause gold and diamond to occurr less frequently?

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