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Water Strainer


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I was just wondering how the water strainer is used, Thanks!

I haven't tried it in Tekkit either, so not sure if it's broken but here's the gist of how to use it.

Set it down somewhere. Then using buildcraft pipes, pump water into the strainer on a SIDE (not top or bottom). Place another pipe on the opposite side to allow oil to continue out. Then place a cable on another side perpendicular to the pipes. Feed this cable to a batbox or other EU storage. It takes a certain amount of time for the strainer to "cook" one bucket of water into energy so it may slow down your pumping proccess. You can also apply a redstone current to strainer to cause the device to simply destroy the water and not generate EU. If I remember correctly, The device may cease to 'cook' water if there is no cable or space left in the battbox to receive the EU. In other words, if it's internal EU buffer is full, it cannot proccess more water. In this case a redstone current should allow it to continue.

Let me know if that works out for you. I"ll probably set one up on my server later if I have time and mats

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