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Problem with my Tekkit server


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Hi there -

I'll start from the top: i'm no stranger to tekkit and we've been using the previous version. It ran pretty much alright until it came to using some of the buildcraft items (we already knew there were problems with them). We've endeavoured to wait until the v2.0 release.

Now - we've gone for a total fresh install, new world, deleting old files etc. The server was running fine on vanilla. After installing McMyAdmin, installing bukkit through there, and then using the fragnet GUI we installed Tekkit 2.0

By all accounts, this should work, but for some reason whenever i go to connect, it is telling me that "You are missing the following mods"

the list includes the likes of IC2, railcraft etc.

Doing some research on the forum, a lot of people have said that caches need to be cleared and make sure you're running tekkit - not technic - from the launcher. I have done, and i am running Tekkit from the launcher.

what's more, i can even join other servers which are running Tekkit 2.0 with no problems (IonGaming, TekkitCraft.)

If anyone can shed any light on the matter, i would be incredibly grateful.

P.S. any guides you can write me would be beneficial to both me and anyone else having this problem.

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Hey, have try to reset ModLoaders settings for server and your client?

Make a bakup before you do anything, ps exit Minecraft ;)

Server: Server Folder / delete the "Modloader TXT" files and "Modloader.txt.LVK" files. Do only delete these files or you maybe get some trouble.

Can do that to your game to (client). Goto ".techniclauncher\tekkit" Delete "ModLoader.txt" - Start Technick Launcher, maybe get a NetFrameWork Error Now but skip it and go forward and start your game. In the game restart the game with TechnicLauncher agian and it hopefully works now.

Maybe is a bug there modloader dont know that you have been change from "Technick" to "Tekkit" and thats why need to reset the Modloader settings. Dont know if this is all that needs to reset the Modloaders Settings btw can always try it ;). Easy way to check it "reinstall" you Technick and install only "Tekkit from the beginning.

// Mufflo Do not sign posts.

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Same problem mate, I don't know what to do, Nobody has said anything useful so...yeah.. :/ It would be helpful if someone found a cure for our problem and not post useless comments about how we should do something and it doesn't work. :L I wanna play with this.

Attitude will get you nowhere.

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