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Tekkit on Mineos


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It's a little more complicated than what that link shows if you want all the MineOS functionality to work. I ended up ditching that and using Debian instead. MineOS is nice in concept, but execution has some issues when you get into more complicated setups, like Tekkit. I didn't look at all his Python scripts, but it appeared to me that it was trying to run the servers out of the same initial directory instead of the directory where all the plugins and stuff are located. This caused an issue with Tekkit and usually resulted in the mods never being loaded despite it running the tekkit.jar and all the plugins and mods being installed right.

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OK then if Tekkit will not work with MineOS, What distro of Linux would you suggest? one which can work with a dual core and 4 gig of ram so i can host it on my laptop and play on my desktop.

Sorry for the trouble. This is just so me and my fiancé can actually co-op with the tekkit pack and not have my computer lagging due to running Client and Server tekkit.

I don't know about you, but when i see a creeper and my fps starts to lag....so much so i have to quit (sometimes i think the program takes too many resources to run)

So in short

which distro is best for the server and has the less resources running to dedicate to the server

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Thecodemonk seems to have had success with Debian, so that might be a good bet. Ubuntu might work well too. I haven't set up a Tekkit server on Linux so I don't know the specifics. To take advantage of the 4gigs you NEED a 64-bit version but any current Linux should be able to handle the dual core processor. Debian, if I remember right, should have less fluff then Ubuntu, but might be a tad more technical.

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I would like to revive this topic if someone can offer a bit of help.

I have been using a mineos crux server for quite some time and love how easy and small it is.

I want to build a tekkit server.

I ran the windows tekkit batch file to create all the tekkit files. I created a bukkit world in mineos and then copied all my tekkit files over top of that world. I also copied the tekkit.jar to the /usr/games/minecraft and set the server properties to use that jar.

When I run the tekkit launcher I am able to get into the server (and not with the minecraft.jar). It's tekkit, but with none of the tekkit features. There are no "special" tekkit blocks.

I'm thinking that there is a mod (or many of them) that aren't running, but I'm at my limit of minecraft knowledge.

Any help would be appreciated.


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