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Liquid Storage and Display


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I want to have a building that is showcasing all the different fluids that we are producing on my server, and was wondering what the best way to show them off would be. 

I was thinking of maybe a 5x5x5 box made of thickened glass with no top and a minefactory reloaded fountain pumping the liquid (except energized glowstone) so that it looks like the fluid is being stirred, and maybe several liquiduct ports to hook up portable tanks to each fluid, color coded ender tanks for each liquid, as well as powered fluid transposers for each liquid. 

Any other ideas on how to show off all the different liquids? Should I use banks of resonate portable tanks, or buildcraft tanks? are there any other cool looking ways to store liquids?

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Yall are so complicated. I would just use a bucket of that fluid and pretend im making a water fountain in vanilla Minecraft. That's the showcasing part at least. If you want to mass store it then ExtraCells would work. Maybe you could make the fountain using that bucket of liquid, say fuel, and have an ME Fluid Access Terminal at the base of the Fountain that contains just fuel. Like wise for Oil, Liquid Ender, etc. Or you could have all of the liquids in that one me system and access them at once if you are to low on resources.


Please send pics id love to see how it turns up

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