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[Request] - 128x Texture Pack OTHER than Sphax

xBlizz I Devi

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Hi everyone, I love HD texture packs, and in general, I don't mind Sphax. But I HATE the textures for half the mods in Sphax (mostly IC2 stuff is awful, IMO).

What I'm looking for is something like Aageon's Bumpmaft Texture Pack or even default style MC 128x or better but with Tekkit support.

If anyone has time to create this, I'd really love it! I'm sure there are other people out there who like HD but don't particularly like Sphax that would also appreciate this.

Thanks in advance!

PS: How much would it kill a computer to run Tekkit with a 512x pack. I can run a 512x fine with normal MC and MCPatcher, but even 16x16 starts to slow me down with Tekkit and a LOT of stuff going on. (I have 3930k, 7970 and 32GB RAM (16GB dedicated to MC) so it takes a lot to bring me down).

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You can look over the net, scour the wastelands, trek through the jungles, climb the tallest mountains, but you won't find anymore texture packs that are already listed here, sadly. Some artists such as the one who made the John Smith Texture pack claim to be working on Tekkit support, but no person has made any progress. There are a small number of texture pack owners who outright REFUSE to do Tekkit support out of some vendetta or because it simply has way too many textures to tackle.

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Haha. Yeah, I'd figured that out. And I would make it myself, but I have absolutely no creativity and absolutely no idea where to start with graphic design either. All I'm asking is that if there is anyone that reads these forums that IS creative, and knows how to make textures, would be so kind as to put some of their effort into making some nice textures for us people.

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any where to get a clean template for tekkit? I am working with Sphax and LBphotorealism to mash them up, but I would prefer to make my own everything for it, from a clean slate, (sphax or LB loaded as 128 work fine, but when I added the parts of LB to sphax and over wrote all the stuff that LB had, it now requires that I log in and loose connection to any server the first time after starting up my client. after that I can log in just fine, but I would love to fix this issue.

These are some shots of what I have done to modify sphax to add the photorealism stuff and get it to blend in.

Ores and marble brick


compact solars low med and high from the bottom and side:


Tops of those solar compacts:


how the ores that are ripped directly from Sphax look when blended with LBphotorealism stone:

(this was the first one, and should be redone I know.)


Here you can see some of the progress positioning, because some of the sphax textures are still in place for the condenser


The collectors are a combination of the LB and Sphax glowstone, the Gold block edges from LB and some swirling of the red dark and standard collector spots from sphax

a bit of a shot of the plain marble next to my marble bricks. (used a photo of some real marble and then tweaked it to blend on the edges, The non-sphax ores like ruby and emerald are photos also of real ore mixed with LB's stone texture, but I really do not like their stone, so I will redo everything once I create a stone I am satisfied with)


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thanks, yeah I have found nothing so far other than just using SPHAX for the template and as I mentioned it gets dicey when I am using the mashup for the install, I think just due to the extra memory it takes, looked everywhere for the base files that I am supposed to be replacing with LB regular minecraft textures, but found nothing really.

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128x and above texture packs are really, really dumb. You're not going to make Minecraft realistic by upping the resolution; it'll be blocky, and it will always be blocky, as it is Minecraft. 32x is great, because 16x16 is a bit on the low end, and 64x is still ok, but pushing it. I mean, 128x128 is just yelling at the sky to be green. You'll never change a thing.

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OH go away from this thread if you don't like anything HD. I personally think 64x is alright, but 128x is good. I've played MC at 512x and trust me; it's worth it. It's personal preference really. You obviously prefer lower res stuff...

Ever heard the phrase "To each, their own?" Anyway, if you are willing to brave the minceraft forums, there is a thread dedicated to texture packs and lists all available ones that they know of. Have a go there as they may have a few you haven't seen yet.

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or wait. like I said I am working on a photo realistic one. and will work on a higher res one like the 256 or 512 once some one gets me a better video card :P hehheh

anyway, on the guy saying there is no difference, I have to wonder if he even has ever tried one. sphax does not do anything for me on the higher res but that is because it is so cartoony. fine if you like that thing. but the marble and stone really blend together on photo realism, the stone especially, in fact so much so that it can be annoying to try using the outlines to count blocks for building. There is another modder too that is in the process of making a mod that allows for curved blocks, and that will change everything, slopes already changes things a lot from the blocky feel

(I will go back and get pics of this stuff using my new texture mods but you can see that the blocky feel is already starting to melt away with this:)


and this:


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