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Tekit Classic Server need staff

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- Max number the server can hold is 400

- Depends where u are

- must spend Minium of 5 hours

- no inactive mods

Basiclly i got a server hosted holds 400 people max it has got tekkit classic on there so got all the old stuff mods but i need a staff who can help me build builders require proof before u get the job it has got a ts adress as well that works so any one want to apply fill out this list

Application Form


Skype (required):


Previous staff positions:

Current server positions (are you staff on another server):

Why should I choose you over another applicant?:

When did you begin playing Minecraft (rough estimate):

You find somebody that needs help, but it being rude about it. What do you do?:

Anything else to add?:

good luck

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IGN: LostLizardGaming
Skype: ╩╦|✈✈|AnthonyThePilot|✈✈|╩╦
Location: Oregon, USA.
Availabilty: Afternoon (3-8 or 9)(Mon-Fri) All day (Sat - Sun)
Previous staff positions: Server owner (server is no longer online)
Current server positions: None

Why you should choose you over another applicant:  I am very a very kind person and have little tolerance for people who disobey the server rules.  I will solve every griefing case like it is a murder case and I will help those who get griefed get back on their feet.
Stated playing minecraft: May 2012

I would ignore their request for help unless it regards somebody breaking the rules, if it is against the rules to be rude to staff, I would punish them to a fair extent.

Anything else to add:  Yes, I fly airplanes.

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