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making an electrical substation, ideas?


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Hi all.

I have been planning out a map with a village, homestead, quarry, industrial estate, nuke power station and i have planned them approximately 100m apart (using the rei's minimap waypoints for distance).

going to use power teleporting.

In my mind i have the idea to build a substation to distribute the power.

nuke power station/solar array/wind array to substation then from there to the

village frequency 10

homestead freq 20

quarry freq 100

ind estate freq 30

..and any other things/villages i add later on other frequencies.

So basicaly the substation will be the distributer.

I've built my power plant/solar array and windfarm.

i've planned out where my substation will be, around 100m from all the users (village/quarry etc)

ive put in the frame of the substn a LV/Med/HV and MFSU, and i have a pile of power transport tubes.

so to all you teckkit techies out there, is my idea possible? it would be good to know before i spend more time/resources on it.

also over time i was going to add a couple more reacters in the mix.

thanks for any advice


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if i understand correctly what you are trying to do:yes.

we have one on our server and aside form the ocasional act or stupidity or sabatoush it has been brouadcasting 756eu/t about 5000 blocks to 20 different points quite reiliably. the only hting i would warn you about is the need to throutal your system. in other words, becuse buildcraft is a always on system any power your broudcast and dont use is waisted so unless you have demand side managment of the system you should be very carfull to limit your frequency sizes

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thanks joe, wouldn't mind seeing a pic/diagram of your setup.

wendo, basically im bunnyhopping distance. say my nuke stn is 300m away and the degrade distance for eu is 150m, thats too far, so i make a substtion half way between to bounce the signal further... and on top of that distribute it from one place using tp's

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eather that or simply figure out average power usage and broudcast that (remember multiple bases can draw from the same frequecy which lets you split it into smaller poer links)

i am unclear on why you need a substation in the first place. on our sever we are currently broudcasting all the way from the gen tower to allied mining inc which is located about 5000 blocks away without problems.

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