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Ram Sharing

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is there a way to share RAM beetween two computers and use it to host a tekkit server i have 6gb but i allocate 5 and my friend has 3(?) so is there a way share ram over the internet and host a server with it? or if not then can i change some memory on my HDD to ram and host a server with it?

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You do realize that with 5Gb of allocated RAM you'll probably be able to support more people than your home internet connection's bandwidth will allow?

Side note: When I saw the title "Ram Sharing" I thought you meant sharing one of these:


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At the same time? Maybe. Might need more but you can't turn HDD space into RAM (even if it was swap it'd probably be too slow even on a SSD). If you'll need more RAM, you'll have to buy another stick or so of RAM and plug it in.

Watch your server stats and see how much of the allocated RAM it's eating and how much of the processor the server is using.

Out of curiosity, what kind of home internet connection do you have that you plan to support 40 people at a time?

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