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Blightfall crashes after joining a single player game or server



I simply cannot join in to a server game at all, I don't even get to see anything but the initialisation. For the servers the best I've been able to do is stay in for about 2-3 minutes before everything crashed. Even before it crashed, it was clearly having many issues.

My blightfall game never seems to work properly. I've tried all I could think of, I'm currently on the latest java version, both the technic launcher and blightfall are fresh installs too. I've tried with 2GB and 4 GB ram and it makes no difference, I've tried more than that too, but still the same.


I would like some help finding a way to resolve this issue. (Side note that the issue seems to occur with all modded modpacks from the technic launcher.)


This is the last crash log I've got from it:



Mod edit: log moved to paste.ubuntu.com

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