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Thaumcraft in Tekkit?


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just a quick question- is thaumcraft in tekkit? and before you all say "go read the mod list" i already have, and no i did not find it there, however i notice for the tekkit description it says "build and destroy your world with technology and MAGIC as you see fit". i thought thaumcraft was the only mod that was of a magical nature included in any part of the pack (technic/tekkit). is it in tekkit?

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is Arcanacraft simply gonna replace thaum?

I'm creating this thread as a "Think-tank" for my planned spiritual successor to ThaumCraft. As much as I love Thaumcraft I feel it has become "just another tech mod". While there is nothing wrong with that I think I can do better smile.png

ArcanaCraft will inherit many of the blocks, items and features from ThaumCraft, but with an even greater focus on magic.

It seems so. If you're interested, here's a list of changes from the same thread:

  • Aura will play a much greater role and will be much more dynamic.
  • Vis will not exist as it does currently (for the most part). Items and blocks that require magical power will (for the most part) draw it directly from the aura.
  • Taint will still be around and still be "in the air" like Aura, but the two will no longer be opposing forces
  • A greater emphasis on research and experimentation along with a much improved research system that does not boil down to burning cobble/bookcases in the hope of winning the lotto.

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