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[3.1.2]GFgaming Tekkit server [PvP/PvE][60 slots][Open][Unique Ranks][Little disabled][Anti-Grief]


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Welcome to GFgaming Tekkit server

GFgaming was started a few years ago with a couple of friends.
We are looking for players to come join and play on our server and enjoy their self!
We work as hard as possible to make your experience on our server enjoyable.
The server is hosted in Canada and runs on 20gb.
The map is a large map with spawn.It has a hall of fame,Huge statue and machine section that everyone can use for free.

There is a PvP Arena you can get there by the portal at spawn.You can't teleport out of the arena and Quantum armor is forbidden in the arena.We will not tolerate people logging out mid-fight.

Nothing is disabled on this server but it isn't available to all ranks.The default rank you start with is (Member)not everything is disabled but most of the over-powered items are but don't worry! All you have to do is show us what you can do like building a basic house with basic Industrial craft machines.

There is portals at spawn going to PvP Arena, Portal to leave spawn, Portal to the nether and Portal to the Mining world and other places.

There is a Hall of Fame at spawn.It is for placing Npcs of players on the server that are either Owner,Admin,Mod and Trusted.

We have a mining world setup.It is reset every 1-2 days. There is alo aPvP world but using Quantum armor and RM/DM armor is not allowed.To get there take the portal at spawn inside the portal room.

We have Lwc to lock your chests and machines!We also have WorldGuard regions to protect your buildings/creations from unwanted griefers, If you want your home protected contact a Mod or Admin and they will happily protect your home.Also if you get griefed we have Hawkeye/Coreprotect to rollback the grief.Contact an Admin with /ticket [msg] and wait for them to contact you.

What to do if you got griefed

Don't worry we will make sure everything gets fixed.All you have to do is go to a griefed zone and type /ticket Help I got griefed.Than wait for an Admin to arrive and show him the grief and than he will take care of the rest.

Suggestions are 100% welcome!

Donator(Donate to the server /buy)

To get ranks on the server go to the rankup room inside of spawn and talk to the Npcs and they will tell you what they need to rank you up

Removed Mods
- WeaponMod(Crashes server)

Donator perks
- In-game title
- Access to most items/blocks (Non griefing items)(5euro+)
- Access to all items/blocks (10 euro+)Items will be removed from Donors if abused.
- 500x500 world(20euro donation.)
- Access to the Cannons plugin(really fun in PvP)(10 euro+)
- Ability to disguise as any mobs(10euro+)
- Can set more homes(5 euro+)
- Can Teleport to other players or teleport players to you(5 euro+)
- For every 5 Euro donation you get 1 Npc, You can choose its name,age,message,location and what he is wearing.
- Can ride on top of players(10euro+)
- Ability to join the server when full(5 euro+)
- Ability to put any block on your head!/hat(10euro+)
- Custom name in-game(10 euro+)
We do NOT refund donations.

The Donor worlds are 500x500 but can be expanded with another donation(Doesn't need to be another 20).Only you can access it but can choose to invite people to it.You can request a portal to go to your world and if you want to make it public or private.

The 5 euro donation perks only last 20 days.The 10 euro donation and 20 is currently permanent but may change in future.

If Donors abuse their powers they will get it removed from them and We will not refund you.

Our current staff.
We are currently looking for more moderators.

1. No griefing
2. No Stealing
3. No offensive language,Caps
4. No spamming the chat
5. Respect The Admins
6. Don't ask Admins to spawn items! We Won't Do It!
7. No Asking to be Op!
8. No 1x1 towers!
9. No exploiting bugs
10. No advertising
11. Anyone that comes on the server or Teamspeak asking for help on their server will get a ban.

If you get ban and want to appeal for a unban. http://gfgaming.org/forum

IP= Tekkit.gfgaming.org


We have a TeamSpeak3 server too
Ip= Teamspeak.gfgaming.org

- Multiverse
- Player rider
- Tree assist
- Essentials
- Cannons
- Buycraft
- DisguiseCraft
- Citizens
- Hawkeye
- Mobbounty
- Deathtpplus
- SpamGuard
- Tickets
- Warnings

Pictures of the Server.


Town Hall inside of spawn.





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Do not join this server!!! after 4 days building. A admin just attacked and destroyed everything i done with no explanation then banned me from the server. I asked why he was doing it and he just ignored me.

Ban said greifing. When i was in my own little area working with my neighbor doing nout for hours. The only thing i can think of was that i took 9 obsidian from a abandoned house. Hardly greifing. sad cus they had a nice system for ranking ect. Was a little laggy during peak hours.

If it was this then i say wtf. as no one had been on around the obsidian in ages and it was unprotected. Was certainly no need to destroy a multi level tower ect i built with another player. and all the gear

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