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[1.2.9g] Five Kingdoms Tekkit Main [PvE][Economy][GriefPrevention][Galacticraft][Dimensional Doors][200 Slots]


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  • No cheating.
  • No exploiting.
  • No griefing/stealing.
  • No use of hacked clients.
  • No advertising for other servers.
  • No cussing including in private chat.
  • 25 Igneous Extruders max per player.
  • Abuse of commands (nickname, teleport, etc) will result in jail or mute.
  • Using nicknames to impersonate staff, players, or ranks may result in mute, jail, removal of commands, or other.
  • Chunk loaders that are purchased are the only chunk loaders allowed.
  • Molecular Assembly Chamber (MAC) max size 12x12x12 or 1728 total blocks per player
  • Respect both the staff and your fellow players.
  • No AFK machines are allowed.
  • Operators of Five Kingdoms reserve the right to make unannounced changes to these rules at any time.
  • 4 quarries on mineral server and no chunk loading.
  • Respect others' space and don't build within 25 Minecraft blocks of another build.


  • Liquicrafter
  • Plastic Cup
  • Plastic Bag
  • Filler
  • SPAMR Launcher
  • Sacred Rubber Sapling
  • Project Bench
  • Tiny TNT
  • Redstone in Motion Mod
  • Florb
  • Matter Cannon
  • Balkon's Flails
  • Balkon's Cannon
  • Balkon's Dynamite
  • Crystallisation Module
  • Non-donation Chunkloaders
  • Confiscation Module
  • Anti-Personnel Module
  • Steves Carts Drills
  • Alchemical Bags
  • Throwable Meteor Chunk


MAJOR PLUGINS:  Essentials Economy, GriefPrevention, Lift, Skript, RandomTeleporter, Radiation, Space Station Upkeep, Main Banned Item

DESCRIPTION:  Five Kingdoms is a long-standing community run by passionate individuals. We're committed to a professional, friendly, lag free server with lots of fun options and gameplay.  Explore the ruins of the former Five Kingdoms, and claim their powers for yourself!  Our mineral world offers you a chance at dense ores and quarrying - and our shop offers you a chance at the economy!  Lots to do, join us today! We offer competitions with prizes, perks, karaoke, mini-games and more!


OUR COMMUNITY: We currently feature a vibrant community of all ages, with over a hundred active players worldwide. We cater to both individual players and groups, and offer you three build servers to choose from.  Each server's inventory and economy is connected, so that you may change your gameplay as desired.  Our staff is friendly, fair and well-trained.  Our website is dynamic and updated regularly. www.fivekingdoms.net

WHITELIST: No whitelist!

See our server spawns below.






COME AND JOIN Five Kingdoms Today!!!!!! 

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