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[SSP, 1.2.5] Item Stand - v0.4.0b


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Ladies and Gentlemen, following the thread in http://technicpack.net/forums/threads/mod-item-stand.15469/ I present to you:

Item Stand

As our very own creatine raper jakj put it: "This is a one-slot chest that you don't have to open to use." On usage (right-click) it switches its internal storage with the itemstack currently in the users hand.

New in 0.3.0 now is the ability to directly use the right-click function of the contained item simply by sneaking while using the item stand. Food can also be eaten instantly.

v0.4.0 now brings compatibility to stuff like tubes and pipes.



Currently SSP only, Minecraft 1.2.5, Forge (tested only with forge #164 (and #160 now)), uses one BlockId (default is 184).


Mod [sSP] http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.4.0b.zip

Source: http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.4.0b-src.zip


0.4.0b Rendering bug with chests fixed. Thanks Industrial Miner.

0.4.0 Added IInventory. ItemStand is now interactible with stuff like tubes and pipes.

0.3.0 Added sneaking right click function.

0.2.0 Initial release.

Old Versions:

Mod [sSP] http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.3.0.zip

Source: http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.3.0-src.zip

Mod [sSP] http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.2.0.zip

Source: http://home.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~milamber/ItemStand-0.2.0-src.zip

If anybody has different versions of forge and it works: please tell me, so I can update this post accordingly.

Edit: Forgot to mention credit, where credit is due: My learning experience and parts of the code are heavily influenced by cpw's IronChest mod.

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Feel free to include it. This also goes for anybody wanting to use it. It would be nice to get a post in this thread when it is included in a mod pack, but that's no requirement. Also if anybody wants to make derived work of it: have fun. It would just be nice to include me as the original author.

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New version 0.3.0

Sneaking during right click calls directly the right click handler of the contained item. Food gets eaten instantly. (At least vanilla food+milk+potions)

Be wary for what items you use the sneak click. Lava buckets aren't friendly :)

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Maybe tomorrow, today I just can't bring myself to do any programming. Started learning SMP compatibility and lost interest halfway. Implementing IInventory sounds quick, so expect a new version tomorrow evening.

Just out of curiosity: For what purpose do you want to connect pipes to it? I can't imagine a good usage for that currently. (Maybe I should sleep more ;-))

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To have automatic resupply, like a feeding station where you just click to eat as you run by since there's always food in it.

Slap a supplier and teleport pipe on it and you have a super quick dispensary anywhere go of freshly crafted building materials, or a portable one-click trashcan.

A quick way to resupply ammunition for a musket on the run during battle, or any sort of material during a game or adventure.

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Yeah what jakj just said. But also because I want a storage chest with only one slot.

EDIT: I think I have found a bug. I don't know if it's still in 0.3.0 because dropbox gives me a 404 error. If you put in a chest, enderchest, ironchest and any other chest that looks like the normal chest isn't centered in the itemstand.

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Chest support implemented. Rendering bug with chests should also now be fixed.

Item also now rotate correctly, instead of showing you the same side twice. In the earlier versions, a sword always had the hilt in the bottom left, even after rotating 180°.

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