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  1. Or you could just deactive the java-plugin for your browser.
  2. I like the ItemFrame idea and the cobble walls. The rest is uninteresting in my opinion.
  3. Does everything work normally without a texture pack? It would have been helpful, if you would've mentioned the use of a texture pack in the first post. We can't read your mind.
  4. Autoban scripts just shoot to broadly. The likelihood of banning someone with a fully legit question is too high to be acceptable. At least that is my personal opinion, don't know how kaker&co think about it.
  5. With a bit of timing you can do it without MFFS. If one cell is depleted, stop the feeding of ice, retrieve the cell, put in a new one, restart the ice flow. Just make sure, that you have full stacks of ice in your reactor during the stop, so it wont run hot in that few seconds. (And that the new cell won't go into an ice slot.)
  6. Blue/green is part of ABO (Additional Buildcraft Objects), if I read the code correctly.
  7. Pipe gates can check the state of your engines, they are in Buildcraft 3.
  8. A timer set to 30 seconds, feeding into a toggle latch. One of the outputs of the toggle latch feeds into the snowball timer, shutting it off half of the time.
  9. A simple showcase of falling edge detection. When the signal from the button on the left falls of, the state cell (from RedPower2) starts turning. As soon as the pointer hits the right side (time is configurable via right-click, minimum 0.2 seconds), a pulse goes off the right side. This pulse hits the toggle latch, which then switches state (toggling, if the top or bottom lane gets a steady signal). Give that signal to a splitter cable in your electric wiring, which is the circuitbreaker from my example. Alternatively use the circuitbreaker design that another user has posted in one of the subforums here.
  10. geothermal array -> circuitbreaker in the wiring (short: CB) -> MFE -> machines MFE emits redpower if partially filled You need some kind of edge detection here (state cell?). IF (MFE.fallingEdge AND CB.open) THEN CB.close //MFE just drained IF (MFE.fallingEdge AND CB.closed) THEN CB.open //MFE just filled up This way MFE will altenate between empty and full. As soon as MFE is empty, CB will close, so the geothermals are connected and can fill the MFE back up. As soon as MFE is full again, CB will open, geothermals go quiet and the MFE can drain until empty.
  11. Vanilla ender chests were implemented in minecraft 1.3 With tekkit you have minecraft 1.2.5, so no vanilla ender chests available.
  12. A qarry needs 9 MJ/t for fullspeed, which means 24 EU/t. Use a batbox as a throttle (32 EU/t -> 12 MJ/t) to come close to that cap. It will eat just a little bit too much, but that should be "good enough", I hope. Another thing: "Quarry Side: Power Teleport -> Wood Conductive -> Gold Conductive -> Quarry" Why the wooden conductive next to the teleport? Use the golden one directly.
  13. As long as you only want to read the code and not edit/recompile it, it will be easier to use http://java.decompiler.free.fr/?q=jdgui for this. Just open the .zip/.jar of the mod and maybe minecraft.jar and modpack.jar. Automatic linking to the appropiate class files will be given automatically. Biggest drawback of this method is, that you will still have the obfuscated classes of vanilla minecraft. (ItemStack.class is still aan.class, ...)
  14. Tekkit 1.3 is waaay old, probably a typo here. Current one is 3.1 and it runs on minecraft 1.2.5 instead of 1.3.1. On the topic of the content: IIRC ender chests store their content in an extra file per color combination, so building a new ender chest should give you the content back.
  15. Have you built the inert eldritch keystone and put it into the research slot? That should give you the tlhutlh one.
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