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  1. Here's an idea put it on Mediafire aswell
  2. Well.... 64MB of ram ... What do you think ? XD
  3. Use Vanilla Minecraft and add the mods on there, if you want it to be used in the Technic Launcher for everyone it has to be one hell of a popular modpack.
  4. There's only one thing to do in a time like this. Wait.
  5. ~Flowing through the sea of Anime~

  6. I think going through the Nether is the only way (Simple way) just equip yourself with some Nano armour (http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Nano_Suit) and you should be good after you get some Glowstone you can do your system much easier by using Energy collectors (http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Energy_Collector) to produce glowstone. Hope this helps
  7. For the moment I think Tekkit/Technic has a fair amount of mods that can keep you entertained/
  8. I used dropbox as am more familiar with it. Is that the problem?
  9. Hmm is it normal that when I was using this there was no Vanilla textures or is this just a patch?
  10. Seems legit? On topic: as Lazdude said wait for Tekkit to update
  11. PlayStation move is a waste of money in my own opinion there a ton of kid games for it that aren't great trust me you'll never use it.
  12. Wow, quite a nice mod you have here defiantly will be using it!
  13. Railcraft? I'm learning it right now it's really cool,once you try it out you'll know what I meen.
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