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best melee weapon in the game

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i dont know how i could be clearer i want to know the hardest hitting melee weapon in the game what is so unclear about that

The topic is right but you phrased it "what melee weapon hits the most! on players." and the only melee weapon ON the player is his fist. You were not that far off in what you typed but if we see the chance to get a good laugh here we tend to take it.

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RM sword, I should imagine.

Personally, though this isn't really pure melee, I like using the musket with bayonet attachment though and a gem sword. The musket will deal good ranged damage, and reasonable melee. If you put the sword in the slot next to it in your hotbar, you can swap back and forth with minimal delay. If you crouch while you reload, aim and fire, you can even get a reasonable sniper's nest.

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