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Tekkit Challenges

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I started playing tekkit with some friends recently, and I feel I've hit the the ceiling of what to do after I set myself some challenges, completed them, created near infinite diamonds, and dressed in full Quantum armour!

So.. Does anyone have any suggestions for me and the rest of the community that may challenge us?

I'll list some of the things I've completed

  1. Created a 64x64 quarry
  2. Created a ComputerCraft counter system which counts how many of each block my quarry is mining
  3. Automated production facility which macerates and smelts all ores from the quarry, and converts things like cobblestone and flint to diamonds
  4. Constructed 6 story modern house with integrated electrical systems, redstone wiring and tube system for future proofing
  5. Constructed basement with contains an auto-renewing lava generator
  6. Constructed 2 nuclear generators
  7. Played around with Tesla coils, Force fields & more...
  8. Created a simple CC program to password protect my secret laboratory
  9. Programmed Turtles to auto dig and create a bridge for me..
  10. ..So I could lay train tracks to an alternative nether portal for more Glowstone hunting :)
  11. Tried created an automated HV Solar Array factory (but gave up. to hard)

I'm sure there's more I've missed out.. But if anyone has any more suggestions for the community, please share them :)

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Large sorting machine connected to an ender chest, so what ever you put in that chest gets stored in its correct place.

Anything useless gets turned to scrap, the scrap then either turn to scrap-boxes, auto used them and collect dropped stuff, or use the scrap to make UU matter.

Large rail system between areas.

Under water city using only force-fields, which will need to be powered constantly (using something renewable)

Automated tree farm

Automated food farm, which then cans the food. Will need a place players can then drop off empty cans.

Thats all i got so far, bit brain dead today.

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You need to make a waterproof upgrade for the forcefield. That causes all liquid inside the forcefield to be deleted leaving you with a nice bubble to build in.

I have a forcefield tunnel to a hidden nether base under a lava lake. When the field is off the lava flows back to fill the gap. Controlled by wireless redstone, proximity sensors, whatever you like for that secure base feeling.

Also, finish that solar array factory. It is much easier to plan the factory if you draw a simple flowchart of which materials need to go where. I can post screenies of my solar factory (or minetrack factory) if you want inspiration.

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* Efficient ComputerCraft/Lua program for a Mining Turtle which will automatically create an "X by Y by Z" sized space, plugging all lava/water holes as it makes/finds them, and clears out any existing water/lava, so it's safe for Steve to come down. (This space may be a tunnel or a room, so plugging newly created and existing holes will be a challenge, as exposed liquid on the side will want to just flow back in as you go by)

* Make a Mining Turtle keep working even after you sign-off or go out of range.

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Me and a friend are doing a challenge on Unknown tekkit, 11x11 dirt platform, 1 mass fab, 128 UU matter, 1 rubber tree nothing else first to make quantum armour wins


unknown tekkit is the server name

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