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YouTube Channel Material Suggestions?


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Hi, hows it going?

I have a few friends, and we have started a YouTube channel that holds its focus around gaming (because absolutely no one has done this before... :P) Now, we have already done/doing minecraft and some horror indie games, and so we are searching for new material. So, I ask of you, know any good, not to popular games? Servers, PC requirements, internet and game genre are not a problem. So pretty much any game. If you know any games and we decide to use it, we will credit it's find to you, and link your YouTube channel, Facebook page or whatever.


Dako Mod Edit: Your name is 2 inches away. We don't need to see it again.

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Hey, thanks for replying. We have Terraria, and pretty much all of us have gotten seriously far in it, so we could probably do a server showcase or something. And Magicka is a good suggestion, and will probably make a decent video! Thanks and I'll link it once it's all finished and uploaded. As for bug's and crash issues, we can pretty much dance around all of them. But thanks for the warning.

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