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My game stutters, despite having allocated 7GB of RAM. Th wierd thing is it still says I have 40+ FPS. ANd the stuttering happens every 1 second roughly. I didn't have a _JAVA_OPTIONS Env Variable so I tried creating one with the value "-Xmx4096M" to try and "trick" java. But with no luck. This seems to only happen with Tekkit Legends though. Please help!

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    • By vinsonc11
      This is classified as an in-game bug. 
      This happens all the time (10/10).
      Open the latest version of Technic Launcher
      Ensure that java version is latest (64 bit update 60 java 8).
      Allocate 2gb of RAM. I have tried 512mb, 1gb, 4gb, 12gb, they all stutter.
      Open Tekkit Legends (takes a minute or so, I have installed on my SSD).
      Create world/Play selected world. (Takes several minutes).
      Stutters extremely badly.
      Sometimes gets better, stuttering once every two seconds, but still unplayable.
      Sometimes the game also crashes when opening inventory/chest etc.
      I have Java 8 Update 60 installed. I have a powerful enough graphics card (AMD HD 7850, not powerful, but good enough for minecraft). This issue only happens with Tekkit Legends, other modpacks do not suffer from stuttering. I understand that this is in early dev and may still be buggy but I cannot find other people with the same issues.
      Thank you
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