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Extreme Stuttering



This is classified as an in-game bug. 


This happens all the time (10/10).



Open the latest version of Technic Launcher

Ensure that java version is latest (64 bit update 60 java 8).

Allocate 2gb of RAM. I have tried 512mb, 1gb, 4gb, 12gb, they all stutter.

Open Tekkit Legends (takes a minute or so, I have installed on my SSD).

Create world/Play selected world. (Takes several minutes).

Stutters extremely badly.

Sometimes gets better, stuttering once every two seconds, but still unplayable.


Sometimes the game also crashes when opening inventory/chest etc.



I have Java 8 Update 60 installed. I have a powerful enough graphics card (AMD HD 7850, not powerful, but good enough for minecraft). This issue only happens with Tekkit Legends, other modpacks do not suffer from stuttering. I understand that this is in early dev and may still be buggy but I cannot find other people with the same issues.

Thank you

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You have a environment variable set in the system and it's limiting your java memory to 512MB whatever you set in the launcher.

Read on environment variables (just google it) go to your system settings and remove any "JAVA_OPTIONS" variable, restart pc.

Report any findings.

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