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Solum Unum v0.6 - Just the overworld.


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Welcome to Solum Unum (lat. "just one"). It's a new and fresh Minecraft modpack for version 1.7.10 and for 3 months in development. You can't enter the Nether and End dimension at all, and are stuck in the Overworld. This modpack focuses on providing you a polished and unique modded Minecraft experience with many interesting, challenging and fun mods in it, which force you to think more creative about solutions. Basically: Do whatever you want, you have many possibilities!

Big names for mods are: Mariculture, Immersive Engineering, ExtraBiomesXL with Alternate Terrain Generation, Open Computers with Computronics, OpenPeripheral & Zetta Industries, Integrated Circuits, Aura Cascade, Carpenters Blocks & Chisel, ChocoCraft, Clay Soldiers, Flaxbeard's Steam Power, Pam's Harvestcraft with Cooking for Blockheads, PneumaticCraft, QuiverBow, Railcraft with Steve's Carts & Cart Livery.

More information is on the modpack page.

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