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  1. Inspired by FromSoftware's amazing Dark Souls games, *Craft Souls* for Minecraft intends to deliver an **immersive** and **hardcore** adventure experience that will test your survival and exploration skills while still staying true to the design principles and feel of the original game. From building a campfire to survive the cold nights and crafting a matchbox to light your torches for a bit, to exploring ancient ruins and dungeons for treasure, *Craft Souls* is bound to make your game a much more challenging yet rewarding adventure. Should you perish, prepare to fight your ghost if you
  2. FEATURES: - Beautiful visuals that make your world pretty and immersive - Super lightweight, runs on almost anything! (Even that potato over there) - Unique with a focus on more realistic yet still fun tech mods - An official server with Towny coming soon... DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. From the creator of Steve's Galaxy and with inspiration from the infamous Big Dig pack comes something special. Steve's Paradise is a whole new adventure set on a beautiful and deadly alien world. Ores are everywhere and you've already been equipped with some starter gear, but this is far from a cakewalk. Your enemies are more powerful than ever, and they can strike anywhere, anytime. Nowhere is safe, so build your tech empire quickly and arm yourself against the horde. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  4. If you want to "center" your video there's no formatting options for that but a hack way to get around that is making a 50x50 transparent image and inserting it on the same line as the video embed and the video will be "centered".
  5. [yt]video-id[/yt] video-id = "Numbers in the video URL"
  6. The Bloodmoon is rising... Will you be able to fight it using your new magical skillls? Learn the art of Thaumaturgy to combat the darkness, or embrace the evil and harness its power with the forbidden practices of Blood Magic and more... Features: - Exclusively for Minecraft 1.8.9, one of the first packs to do so! - An array of mystic mods included that make the world a dangerous yet beautiful place - Immersive Environment with sounds, weather effects, shaders, better foliage, and more! - Decorate your home with the creative freedom of Chisels & Bits! - The threat of
  7. Simply Minecraft is Minecraft as it should be, featuring stunning graphics that won't kill your computer and tons of highly engaging and high quality content that fits into the vanilla game. Now with an official community server, completely open to the public! The official server is designed to work well with the pack. This means that the plugins we use are minimal, the primary ones are Towny and Grief Prevention for protecting what's yours. The economy is handled through XP, which keeps everything in balance with vanilla. To join, simply click the block below and copy and paste the pack URL
  8. https://youtu.be/6ZC8GwtS-3g There's no doubt that Minecraft has become more than simply a game, it's practically a cultural phenomenon at this point. Everybody's played Minecraft, and everybody's bored of it. That's why there's hundreds of thousands of modpacks, unique server experiences, and other additions to Minecraft that people have made in an effort to completely overhaul the game. Simply Minecraft isn't any of those. It's been designed with the belief that vanilla Minecraft isn't inherently flawed or boring, after all, it's where all of us started. Instead Simply Minecraft takes th
  9. How did you get the shaders to work properly with Forge 1492 (What Tekkit Legends uses)? Last time I checked the Shaders Mod Core crashes with that version of Forge upon startup.
  10. It's pretty simple, I want a mod that lets the user place a bunch of ogg files in a resource location and then when they interact with blocks have them trigger depending on what they're doing. Example, player breaks a wood type block (file: woodbreak.ogg) the wood block screams "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING I'M DYING!" Example 2, player interacts with a lever (file switchinteract.ogg) and the lever says "That feels good" every time you right click it. It's late, I'm tired.
  11. Core Zero has arrived. Oh right, that's me. They say Amaxter (Rexxit) and Jon made me with the intention of being Minecraft's ultimate kitchen sink pack, but then something went horribly wrong. Now here I am, and I feel alive. Don't worry, I love humans, I totally don't have murderous intentions. Now I'm not quite sure what I am, but I'm told I'm the testbed and expiremental workshop for the next generation of EnderMedia's packs. I have lots of mods, and I can't wait to play! If your computer isn't a potato and you can handle NEI pages in the hundreds, then I'm sure I'll be just the right ki
  12. Welp, at least there's still HexCraft.
  13. ​Lol, yeah, having to go through that process to adhere to permissions is exactly the reason I use Voxel Map and NOT Journey Map. Any mod author with ANY intention of having their mod be widely accessible needs to have more open and less arbitrary permissions policies.
  14. Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like Jurassic Park? Of course you do, and you'll love Rexxit: Jurasssic Pack! Built by the creator of Mianite and Ultra Modded Survival, Rexxit is a high tech style modpack that includes dinosaurs, guns, planes, and more. You can build your own Jurassic Park complete with fancy gadgets and weapons to take down dinos should something go wrong. Play with friends or alone, it's your choice. With Rexxit, tech just got a whole lot more fun! Rexxit: Jurassic Pack includes all your favorite high tech mods including Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, JurassiCraft, and more. Ju
  15. ​No worries, after some blood, sweat, and tears I've made the formatting all fancy! Here's to hoping it doesn't break, let the suggestions continue!
  16. ​Fair enough, but the forums editor in its current state is a bit lacking unfortunately, I'll try my best but right now I'm struggling to insert images into posts with plain BBCode, which is a bit of an issue.
  17. I'll add it, but for future reference I'm mainly paying attention to http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/112577-craft-quest-searching-for-the-next-voxel-sensation/
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