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ccSensors console spam, can it be updated?


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Hey all, having some crazy issues with ccSensors and console spam, for some reason when i create a loop function to display reading from a sensor to a monitor they spam in the server console. Every second as the "while true do" function is updated so is the console spammed with the results of that function.

I have done alot of searching around for this problem and how to fix it and have found that in the most recent update of ccSensors the author has added in a config setting called "loglevel=" and you just set that to "loglevel=error" to only show errors in the console not reports.

I'm sure alot of you are aware of the "Build 017pr2" update of ccSensors, but I'm asking if it's as easy as updating the server files? but in my heart of hearts dealing with Minecraft and its problems I'm guessing I could update but I would then need to get all my users to update their clients too? In the long run if I cannot stop the console spam I can't run the ccSensors programs due to the server.log file becoming way to big.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you querying the buildcraft sensor?

It seems that the ccSensor for Buildcraft looks for tags that only exist in BC3 not BC2.

I got sick of the spam so I modified the class file SensorModule_BC.class

and well broke it more to stop it from spamming the log.

Eg. when querying it runs this.

if ("totalBurnTimeBROKEN".equalsIgnoreCase(f1)) {

Field fld = getTargetField("buildcraft.api.BuildCraftAPI", "ironEngineFuel");

The "buildcraft.api.BuildCraftAPI" seems to only be buildcraft3. so i changed the if match string "totalBurnTime" to totalBurnTimeBROKEN" so that would never match so it stopped trying to read the non-existent module.

jd-gui http://java.decompiler.free.fr/ = class decompiler allows you to view source of compiled class files.

Java Class File Editor http://sourceforge.net/projects/classeditor/ = a Java class editor. allows you to modify variables without decompiling and recompiling.

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its not a error its just a massive log spam, i was running the dash_reactor (orwhatsitcalled) program on a monitor that updates every 2 sec


it did the same when displaying only one sensor data

so it looks like it logs everything it does in the server log.

on a side note the server chrashed when i placed a sensor next to a redpower tube.

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That's the standard info logging, The only real way to get rid of that is to use the latest pr2 build and set the log level above info.

I haven't tested it myself but dropping the latest version into the server and client mods folders (removing the old pr1 version) should allow you to use the loglevel setting.

you may be able to get away with just the server side files given that the documented changes seem to only have really affected server side.

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Has anyone found a way around this yet? My research so far has turned up that Tekkit uses a Bukkit port of ccSensors, and the last one I've been able to find so far is the PR1 build that Tekkit uses. I'm asking mostly because I built a pair of completely automated nuclear reactors a couple days ago on the server I host for a couple friends, and it basically uses a modified version of dash_reactor with a few custom routines I built to reload the reactors when the uranium runs out. When I woke up the next morning my computer was crashed and the world was corrupt; this *could* be coincidence and not related however I've run the server for almost a month without using ccSensors and no problems; it seemed odd that when it happened was when I was using the console-spam generator sensor system. (Don't take me wrong I LOVE the info the sensor puts out and the fact my nukes will turn on when the MFSU's are drained, reload fuel if necessary, and shut off when the MFSU's are full due to the info I get). So far (my google-fu isn't the best but I have been trying) I haven't turned up any good way of upgrading Tekkit's ccSensors to the PR2 version (my tests ended with sadness). Is there a guide somewhere I'm missing? I'm relatively new to the server admin thing (like I said, about a month, and I just play with 3 of my friends).

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