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Crippling lag stumping me

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Been playing an ssp world on my tekkit recently. It suddenly slowed down to 1 fps. I have a slower machine, but my settings are optimized and it has always been able to handle the load. I have loaded other world saves and do not have this problem. Only this one map I have been working on for a while is lagging like this.

I have checked allocated memory and it is the same as my other world maps. I tried shutting down everything and restarting (all the way down to a cold boot), but I am still stuck in 1 fps lag.

I looked around the forums and have not found other posts describing this particular problem. Could someone help me troubleshoot this. I'd hate to have to delete my map.

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Actualy i did make a test map. There was no lagg, but Truebador tried it too. And my problem is the same as his was. The slowing down part i dont think so because i tried the map in a much powerfull pc than mine and it was still laggy. What corruption is that which occures in app. 30 mins?

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While I think you probably could have avoided the three month thread necro and made your own thread, I will answer your question anyway. The auto-save feature, which would explain the 30 minute intervals, causes the lag spike of death. I play on a very low end machine but still never get this lag spike. Are you sure you don't have any of the serious lag offenders like crystal chests, teleport pipes, are huge amounts of drops in your world?

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Wow, haven't be by in a while, but I see you folks have come up with some good suggestions.

I ended up abandoning that particular world, but found the same problem coming up with other worlds from time to time. This time round, I tried to be careful about what tech I added and ran, for how long and which ones I ran concurrently.

It is a complex problem, because there are so many things that can cause the same issue. My most common cause was running timers too fast for my system. As long as I avoid setting them too fast, I can still run several factories concurrently. I still get some lag, but not the "lag spike of death". I discovered this when I experienced the LSD no more that 30 seconds after ramping up a timer on my darkroom. I managed to shut the thing off and lag stopped almost immediately. After experimenting a little, I found that the limit for timers on my system was .700. I now have a dark room diamond maker, HV Solar Array factory, Blaze rod-EMC fabricatoring machine, and an automatic UU-matter fabricating machine. I can run them all with acceptable lag. When the lag gets annoying, I just shut something off for a while.

Another thing that often does not occur to SSP players is large numbers of item drops. In the first version of my solar panel factory I was not using pneumatic tubes. Whenever a machine jammed or chest got full, of course, I got a lot of items spilling and bobbing around. When you get a few stacks of items bobbing on the floor there is tremendous lag. The lag would disappear as I picked the items up. Eventually I got tired of trying to perfect the timing between each stage of the factory and switched to pneumatic tubes.

Another thing that really causes issues for me is my anti-virus software, which seems to be a resource pig, even when I am running it at "low resource" settings. In fact, when I am experiencing pronounced lag, the first thing I do is check to see if my anti-virus scanning software is running a scheduled scan. If I am playing during the scheduled scan, I end up cancelling the scan and running it after closing Minecraft.

Thanks for brainstorming on this, folks. You've given me and everyone who reads this thread lots of possible solutions to their LSD problems.


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