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What to delete to create new world on server?

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If you are using no plugins:

And want to keep the current world:

Option 1: rename the world file, restart

Option 2: rename world in server.properties, restart

Option 3: move the world folder somewhere else, restart

And dont want to keep the world:

Delete the worlds folder, restart

If you have multiverse:

Option 1: type /mv create worldname Normal

- this will just generate another world and not modify the current one

Option 2: /mvdelete currentworldname

Then /mv create worldname Normal

- deletes current and makes a new world

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Keep also in mind that once you settled up all the configs on the server (to resolve any ID conflicts), you will have to provide it to your players (usually just zip the config folder from your server and unzip it in your client tekkit and overwrite everything when asked, otherwise your clients won't be able to connect even if they have the mods, the config files must be exactly the same for everyone.

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Well I got the mod to load in my client tried the exact same operation with the server and the server will not boot all the way until I remove the file. Also how do I go about installing the NEI and crafting guides for Forrestry? just drop the zip files into the mods folder? Do I have to rename them?

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