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What kind of IC2 plant is this? and other agriculture questions...

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I don't think it's redwheat...

I have Ferru in abundance and breeding stronger strains is slow but working... but how do I get red wheat?

I've made a darkish room and planted my best strains of wheat there... but no luck yet...

also must the cropmatron be on the same level as the plants? or could I put it in the floor?


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coffee! and check this out!2012_08_20_19_44_01.png

Redwheat at long last!

all I need id the gold producing plant... aurelia? ir whatever it's called.

The red wheat appeared in a bright room, but seeds will only plant in low light.

And it produces a redstone signal when connected to some redstone on an adjacent block! amazing!

Build a cropanalyzer and put the seeds in it. It will tell you what the plant is and its information.

there's a cropalizer in my original screenshot ^0^

I was hoping to find out if it was fully grown so I didn't break it too early.

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