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Computercraft startup issue and railcarts

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Sorry if this is in another thread - with my internet access issues at the moment, I can barely reach this page... let alone any other.

Is there a way to boot a Computercraft program automatically upon starting Tekkit?

My windfarm has a computer controlled rail system attached, and its MILES away from my base.

I have to go out there and boot the system manually each time.

The other quickie... is it possible to identify types of railcart?

What I mean is, my MFSU carts share a main line with oil carts. I currently have oil carts linked in a chain of 4 and left the MFSU carts single.

I planned to put a couple of detector rails 3 blocks apart and have that trigger the turnout if the chain of 4 carts went over them. The MFSU cart would not trigger both sensors at the same time.

My issue with that idea is - linked carts are SO buggy. They cause havoc at the unloader (I currently split them up with a madly complicated timed decoupler system.

If you could identify the carts - then I could keep them single.

Oh... and what happened to the wooden detector rails? The current one matches nothing


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IIRC, Railcraft adds cart detector blocks. Find them in NEI, determine which ones you need (there is a boatload of different ones), craft them and place them under the rail where you want to detect the cart. Also, I think some of the detector blocks actually have an interface that allows one to configure them, but I might remember wrong - it's been long since I've played around with the mod.

Edit: Yes, there are detectors for so many cases. You can use an Advanced Detector to detect a certain type of minecart, and even Train Detectors to detect trains of certain sizes. There is also an IC2 storage cart detector.


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