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[3.1.2] ArcadeMC - Evolution [PvP][40 Slots][Open][Factions, Autorank, Custom Plugin] No griefing!


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Helper Application

In Game Name: jstoodley

Age: 16

Skype: joseph.stoodley

Rank: Scientist

Playtime: over 61 hours.

What experience do you have: part own a server / play tekkit lots enough to run a factory on this server, and can transfer that knowledge to newcomers to the tekkit world.

Why should I pick you: because i am a helpful and trustworthy individual who respects the server and its and pretty much knows tekkit inside out

What sort of things are you going to help with, and why? I would help beginners find their feet, and explain rules, and protect people if they are being constantly targeted. also i would try and prevent or correct griefing as much as possible

Example 1 - Someone joins and instantly wants help. What do you do? Welcome them to the server and tell them i will help them by explaining the basics of the server / tekkit, but you cannot give items to Beginner ranks. I will also explain to them about the ranking system and they will unlock more kits if they stick with the server for 20 more minutes and that ill always try and help them :)

Eample 2 - People are having an argument and there is lots of spam and caps. What do you do? Tell them i will listen to both sides of the story and try and resolve the argument, but if they continue, then i will calmly explain to them that i will mute them if they carry on.

Thankyou :)

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Dom i was banned for griefing but when the grief happened my younger cousin was playing. Earlier that day my cousin was watching me play tekkit. When i was making lunch he wanted to play so i let him when i got back on i found that he had griefed before he played i told him not to destroy other peoples things but he never listens to me.

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-IGN- andwj

-age- 14

-Why i want to join?- Well, i played at this server, and WHOP! it started with WHITELIST!

-have you ben banned before?- No, i have not.

Could you putt me to TheBoss Rank? PLZ!

I rly like ur server!

im a good handSaw Builder! "did 8 players say"

im a boy.

im rly good with tekkit, can allmost everything!

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