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[3.1.2] ArcadeMC - Evolution [PvP][40 Slots][Open][Factions, Autorank, Custom Plugin] No griefing!


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Banned by Dtr for "spamming server logs".

This admin is epitome of ignorance.

1st he gets mad that I stuck him with a wireless tracker, fair enough I told the inexperienced one how to remove it.

Then the server crashes, as has been happening a lot recently. He promptly demands to know "who placed a triangulator".

I respond by informing him that I had used the tracker on him and had a triangulator, but it is an unplacable item.

He declares that whoever "placed a triangulator" is lagging the server (absolute bs, the lag began far before my use of wireless redstone and as far as I know only 1 other player has touched it here)

So, I find the newest frequency (1111) and begin tracking it. Partway there my triangulator and multiple other items vanish from my inventory.(Dtr obviously removed them) I am then banned for "spamming chat logs".

So essentially I'm making multiple requests.


2) An educational session with Dtr to cure his lack of knowledge. If he's going to be staff, he should at least have a little bit of knowledge about what he's doing (alluding to both this situation, and the prior situation where he claimed computers could be used to spawn in items. That is not possible unless the config is edited to allow computers to act as an entity for players, and even then the player would need perms to spawn items without the computer)

Edit: I have multiple screenshots of the conversation, others may have screenshots of him as well. They will be posted if needed, otherwise I can't be bothered, quite annoyed at how one bad apple can spoil the proverbial barrel.

Further edit: According to a friend, supposedly all the server lag and crashes are now my fault, sounds legit.... according to Dtr of course.

Third and final edit: Removed ban appeal, you can't argue with an idiot, they drag you to their own level and beat you with experience.

Just a little update on the server, relatively certain it will be ignored as I'm quite sure Dtr is an IRL contact of one of the owners, hence why he's on staff.

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In game name: Tristin320

Skype Name: tristin.ralston

Time: I can put about 14 hours a week or more into the server.

Example 1 - I would begin by telling them that it is banned, and that if they dont hand it over then i will have to do something else, that may result in a more severe punishment for themselves. Then i would try /invsee and remove the item. Then if all that doesnt work i would report them to the higher authorities, and or ban them if necessary.

Eample 2 - Begin by telling them to calm down, then proceed to deal with the issue at hand.

Well i'm here to apply for mod. I run my own server, but i have a lot of time that i spend not playing it seeing as how i have a lot of admins/moderator to help me. I have been looking for a new server to play on, and i think that your server will be the one. I have been admin on a lot of servers before, and i have owned 2 servers in the past. I know close to everything there is to know about all plugins including editing permissionsEx, bpermissions, and all the plugins. I am not a derp or anything and if something goes wrong i will know how to deal with it. If there is something that i don't know then i can easily figure it out seeing as how i know how to work the internet, and i don't need my hand held for everything. I can build really well, and would never do anything to put the server in danger. I listen well, and know how to stick within my own bounds. (i also know how annoying it is when everyone asks for mod in the first 10 minutes of playing on your server, then continues to spam you in game asking you to check their application, then waits 1 day and expects to be moderator)

Server Experience (Being mod/admin on other servers): 2 times (total of 6 months)

Minecraft Experience: about 1-1.5 years

Plugin Experience: pretty high, (have been working with them for months)

Maturity: 9.5/10

Donations: (I plan on donating if things go well)

So without saying anything more that is my moderator Application. (And If you would like to view my current server for credibility/whatever www.mccavecraft.enjin.com)

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I see theres alot of problems here. Ok first things first, if you post an unban appeal please include your IGN so i can actually unban you

1)Please post applications on the correct website: evolutiontekkit.enjin.com

2)Please don't fight with Dtr06 and dont say things like that, he is MUCH more intelligent than you will ever be.

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Unban Appeal

I know i griefed, but only a few blocks of glowstone.

I really needed them, i know i should have asked someone.

But I am not going to do this again, and i would really like to play on your server again.

So please uban me!

' i really needed them ' No reason to grief someone elses. if i unban you, i dont want anything like this again or youre gone without any chance of coming back.

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There is a difference between intelligence and ignorance, I made certain to maintain that distinction. Try to do the same.

My IGN is Sanguine1233 (As you may have guessed)

There was no fight, there was me looking for the source of a problem, and Dtr causing me problems, nothing more.

As to Dtr's intelligence, I won't go there, no good will come of that particular thread.

Guess I found out which admin is Dtr's IRL contact.

Edit: Removed ban appeal, will no longer be posting. Can't fix stupid, I do believe that is the correct term, either that or the whole "blind loyalty" concept.

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In Game Name: jstoodley

Age: 16

Skype: joseph.stoodley

Playtime: Well i am ranked the boss, so 30+ hours

What experience do you have: part own a server / play tekkit lots :L

Why should I pick you: because i am a trustworthy individual who respects the server and knows tekkit inside out

What sort of things are you going to help with, and why? I would help beginners find their feet, and explain rules, and protect people if they are being constantly targeted.

Example 1 - Someone joins and instantly wants help. What do you do? Welcome them to the server and tell them i will help them by explaining the basics of the server / tekkit, but you cannot give items to Beginner ranks. I will also explain to them about the ranking system and they will unlock more kits if they stick with the server for 20 more minutes and that ill always try and help them :)

Eample 2 - People are having an argument and there is lots of spam and caps. What do you do? Tell them i will listen to both sides of the story and try and resolve the argument, but if they continue, then i will calmly explain to them that i will mute them if they carry on.

Thankyou :)

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Well guys... the server MIGHT be back in the coming hours... The plugin that let us have the quarry world broke then corrupted the save files from almost EVERY plugin... Spawn area will be rolled back or repaired before the server is open again. I'll post after I know that everything is fixed... (And the quarry world is GONE... Well... There will be no Quarrys from now until we find a replacement

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