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Old sounds mod


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Can someone make a tekkit client mod that brings back the old sounds of minecraft? I think that would be pretty nice and nostalgic.

What do you mean by old sounds? I'm pretty sure Tekkit has the same as vanilla, but for the MAtmos sounds (Wind, birds) that you can deactivate with F7.

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All you would have to do is replace the sound files in your resources folder, though. All it checks for is the files' existence, not their correctness.

I tried that a while ago with those retarded lava and fall sounds. I tried deleting them, replacing them with empty files, and replacing them with other sound files. If connected to the Internet, it redownloaded the files every single time. If not, it pretended like the file didn't exist. (Good for lava, bad for fall damage)

(How long does it take until it's necro'ing, for future reference?)

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It's necro'ing only if the topic is not still valid and useful. In this case, it is, though I'm surprised that didn't work. Try marking the files read-only?

I also tried that. If I recall correctly, it ignored the files' existence as well.

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